Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Abiola And Gorilla Zoe Take It Uptown

Hey Cupcakes,

It's Music Monday... Park your stilettos and grab a mimosa. You don't wanna miss this!

When my peeps at Bad Boy hit me on my dying Crackjack phone to ask if I wanted to interview their latest golden boy, Southern rapper Gorilla Zoe, I said, "Lemme consult with my agent." My agent is named Google so I typed Gorilla Zoe and the search engine gods revealed a hot mess of a rapper - promoting drugs, cussin', degrading women and the whole nine.

As someone who makes a career of being a delicious haute mess, I try not to throw stones, but my research had me wanting to toss boulders at this brother. Then I heard my mom's words in my ear: "We're all only human." I said yes to the interview, but only if I could ask him the hard questions. Then I threw on my leopard cloak and invited Gorilla Zoe to hang in Harlem. Watch the video, parts 1 and 2, to see how it all went down.

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This has been a broadcast from Harlem where I live in solo sin with the gorgeous Anabelle Kitty Kat. Some people won't like you no matter what so just be your crazy, cool, weird self & give the haters something to talk about!

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