Friday, May 29, 2009

Alas, suddenly self-employed, yet surprisingly ...

What an incredible day this has been. First I finally completed the design and development of the website for my new business technology venture (AspiraTech) just in time to rush over to the temple to meet with my Lama for a lunch he cooked for me and another student. He made Tibetan momos for us, plus soup, and it was delicious! Plus hanging out with him for a few hours was pretty sweet in general, meal or no meal.

After all the tumult of the last couple months (with the company I used to do contract business technology consulting for deciding to eliminate its Western region offices after the local director quit, propelling me out on my own unexpectedly) it feels good to have a solid public presentation of my work, which a website represents. I was fortunate enough to have my previous clients recognize the value of what I was doing for them so much that they decided to stay with me after the transition, so I'm not starting completely from scratch. However I still need to attract new clients too, and that's where the website comes in. One simply isn't fully established as a business so long as they don't have an online presence.

If you hear of anyone who needs the types of services I provide, it would be so greatly appreciated. The work I do teaching meditation to incarcerated teens is only possible so long as I don't have to go into a 9-5 in-office position to support myself, and the technical consulting work I do is also incredibly valuable to businesses that need help in and of itself. So you'd be doing both them and me a favor, as well as helping to make it possible for me to keep doing the afternoon service work.

I specialize in CRM Implementation work, CRM Management for businesses that already have SalesForce set up but need help running it or optimizing it, as well as web development (particularly search engine optimized sites), software training, saas database design, and pretty much anything related to online business technology.

I know this is a very business-y, techie post while I am a blogger who is primarily spiritual inspiration oriented (check out my Indigo Ocean blog for my many articles on enlightened vision), but this is what is up for me right now. Living here in samsara, all parts of life have got to be incorporated into the realization of nirvana within what is. Dealing practically with survival needs is an intrinsic part of the path of realization, and every step of progress in that regard can be part of progress on all fronts. It's all about one's perspective, not about the thing itself.

Whenever I work with a business, I literally pray for them. In every interaction I go in with the intention of blessing them in some way, and at some level they seem to pick up on this. The relationship I develop with them goes beyond the business objective we are working on together, as we become humans in right relationship, healing our hearts and our lives together, while also getting work done.

I see it as holy work, bringing the light of spirituality into the lives of people who may have no idea it has anything to offer them. They feel the influence and that is all they know. That was my same motivation when I wrote my book. I know a lot of advanced theories and I thought of targeting the book to an advanced audience, but decided against it because I really wanted to reach those people who had yet to embark upon the spiritual path formally, and whet their appetite for spiritually opening. In the same way, I love going into the places where spirituality usually is thought to have no home, whether the prison or the boardroom, and lighting a spark of self-remembrance. You wanted an e-commerce website? Sure, and how about a shakti shot to go with it? Love it.

What would our world be like if even half the people who are deeply devoted to spiritual awakening decided to bring the work into the world of commerce? Would that not change business as usual? Is it needed there any less than in the prisons the less financially fortunate find themselves in? There are many types of prisons, some less comfortable than others, but all equally soul stifling.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Hey I'm still here - good to see you posting!!! we should knock the cobwebs off this old Edsel and take her for a spin. Thanks one and all for keeping this place our place. :)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Pelosi / CIA Song Parody

Wow! It's quiet here. Where did everybody go?

Anyway, I took a brief break from limericks, just long enough to write a new song parody about the Pelosi / CIA brouhaha: The “We Did Nothing Wrong, & Nancy Should Have Stopped Us” Song.

What to do with teenagers when roller skating gets old? SkyZone!

As the mother of a teenage daughter, figuring out activities that give ME a break, are nearby, don't involve computers and cell phones...