Sunday, September 20, 2009

Uplifting Music - Remember Who You Are

I would like to share with you some of the lyrics of Shimshai, a World Fusion musician who weaves together the wisdom and sounds of many world traditions. Ever hear a song with Hebrew, spanish, Sanskrit and reggae flowing as one? It is an experience worth having, and also a message worth hearing.

"You are forever pure.
You are forever true
and the dream of this world
can never touch you.
So give up your attachment
and give up your confusion
and fly to that space that's beyond
all illusion."

~ Shimshai from the song "Suddhosi Buddhosi" off the album "Live on Maui"

"Pure, pure like the water,
let it run forever more,
to be clean, clean as the waves
come crashing to the shore.
It leaves me
smooth, smooth as a pebble,
polished in the depth of love
carried by the winds of grace
on the wings of a dove.
Arise and awake from your slumber
Kindle ancient flame
as witness to the waves of what's to change
though the essence remains the same."

~ Shimshai from the song "Pure" off the album "Deliverance"

If you like his message, you can read more about this beautiful music and what its message can mean in your life in the longer article I wrote on my blog today called Singing for your Freedom. Also find links to where you can listen to the songs or purchase downloads of them. Enjoy, and may you see the Truth in yourself, and find it again reflected back to you within every face you see.

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