Friday, April 03, 2009

Abiola, VH1’s Tough Love & The Sexy Cupcakes

Check out the official Love Cakes reel below:

Today's Goddess XO: "You are as beautiful as your thoughts." -Ralph Scott

  • Soundtrack: John Coltrane's My Favorite Things

  • Shoes: Black patent leather Mile high Cavalli platform

  • Question of the Day: What makes you feel sexy?*

Hello Lovecakes,

Welcome to Planet Abiola & the Goddess Factory: an inspirational blog with an online talk-variety show, celebrity goodies, and scandalous advice. You may know me from hosting BET J's "The Best Shorts" film showcase, being that street reporter on Source Magazine's hip hop TV news show, the author of the novel Dare, or as the host of The Planet Abiola Show online. Or you may know me as Miss Picky on VH1's Tough Love.

Either way, allow me to reintroduce myself....


When the Drew Barrymore people told me about the reality TV version of He's Not That Into You, it sounded like a perfect match. Could you use a chance to work with Master Matchmakers? I said, heck yeah! Any chance to pimp love for love, and I am there. Over and over again. I write about my foibles in love, sex, dating, relationships and empowerment. I even have the nerve to offer my fabulous and well-tested advice. So feel free to ask. The million dollar question is how I'm able to give everyone else love advice and not myself. Because frankly in some moments I am a deliciously flaming hot mess! The key is, I love the beautiful mess that I am. I make mistakes, missteps and get caught out there like everybody else, then apologize and move on.

VH1's Tough Love Boot Camp was/is an amazing experience. We are up to episode 3 and it's terrifying because 7 days become 42 TV minutes, so you don't get to hear complete conversations, like the fact that I have always struggled with my weight because I work in an industry that does not appreciate the curves that I love, love, love. That's why I chose to pose with my lovecakes in the photo above!

Our last Tough Love challenge was the sexy photo shoot and my cupcakes, tiara and fully dressed goddess look got shut down but I am sticking to my guns. My shoot was as sexy as heaven because I enjoyed it. I love my quirks. Abiola's Rule #1: Definitely be weird! Cookie cutter is boring.

Some of you cheered and others shed a tear last episode as I said goodbye to my first match Terrance after the lingerie party, but there's good stuff to come. For now I say check out some of our famous friends indulging in my lovecakes cupcakes obsession in the video clip below as well as VH1 bonus footage.

I know you've got questions about why I rock a tiara (to remind us to hold our heads high), what a goddess dreambook is (a vision board with covers), whether I think I'm a princess (never, baby, we're goddesses) and all kinds of other fun stuff. I am not perfect. I am just you with a feather pen and a platinum microphone. And I look forward to hanging with you here in our safe play space.

OH-- The best ways to get in touch are to (a) leave a comment here and I will read every single one, (b) subscribe to my full Lifecast RSS feed, (c) join me on, (d) email advice questions to (e) visit or (f) my official site

Our goal today? Let's dream bigger and learn to love ourselves more a little each day, while trying our best to be deliciously perfect with our imperfections. Phew! Thanks for watching and reading. And most of all, thank you for laughing and crying with me. I appreciate your support, and it is my pleasure to entertain you.



Check out bonus footage from VH1's "Tough Love" here.

And see Abiola's VH1 page here!

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