Thursday, March 28, 2002

Original Blogger

What follows is a transcription of an answering machine message received last night from my 92-year old grandmother, who for as long as I can remember (and longer, obviously) has kept a "little plaid book" where she chronicles milestones and minutiae. She frequently reminds me that "on this day in 19__, you [graduated high school : knocked out your front teeth on the back fence : etc.]."

-Denis-ee, it's Nani. Are you there? No. Ok...
-Well, I just wanted to tell you I was looking in my little plaid book and on March 27, 1965, you were one week old, and I was there taking care of you and your mother.
-I was talking to you all the time, and your mother said to me: "Why are you talking to the baby all the time? She can't understand you." And I told her, "Denisee understands, she understands everything."
-So, just wanted to let you know. Ok honey? Ok. Give a big hug to Rich. Ok? Bye, honey.

I have a digital answering machine with no tape, no way to save or transfer the messages. But now Nani's here with the rest of us, who well appreciate the importance of the milestones and minutiae.

-P.S.: On her own answering machine, Nani continues to wish us all "A Saint Paddy's Day" on March 17.