Monday, March 18, 2002

More on what we're doing

Elaine uses an important word more than once below: Conversation. Blog Sisters is a conversation; it's not a club. It's not the weight watchers site or an adult children of alcoholics forum, where, to draw an analogy, we hug and support our way through or specific challenges of BEING women. (By the way, I am not dissing those sites--I'd bet some of us have homes in those places too). Those types of communities are very useful and amazing groups of people gather there for a shared purpose. And certainly here, we can and should support one another rather than lapsing into the "heavy handed verbal sparring" Elaine mentions below. I agree that constructive debate and disagreement are positive things and will do my best to tow the line.

The difference with Blog Sisters is that we *feature* women. We are not necessarily *about* all things women. This is a conversation among women, not a conversation about women necessarily. As for our members--those who have accepted the invite to post if and when they feel like it--we have an amazing range of ladies here. Our youngest, Emily, is 15, and the eldest I'm aware of (she shared her age on her blog recently) is Elaine at 62.

Think of it! Think of the possibilities for learning and growing from shared conversation among this group. Imagine. I've learned so much already.

For the record, and I've said this before, I don't consider myself a feminist. And I'm sure we can debate what that means. I believe there are significant differences between men and women; I've been married to a wonderful man for 16 years and I consider him the head of our household; and women who whimper about being women drive me crazy. At the same time, I have noticed that the posts of women bloggers are often overlooked when it comes to linking and discussion in the greater world of blogging. And I think that's wrong. We do have something to say. And thanks to the net we have many places where we can have our say. Blog Sisters is one of them.

In number, let our voices resound.


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