Sunday, March 17, 2002

More on focus and freedom
I was going to add this as a comment on Jeanene's previous post, but I think that it's better to post it up front, and I encourage any any continuing conversations about the current issue to also be posted rather than commented.

While it has to be OK for people to disagree on this weblog, I hope, as well, that the disagreements among ourselves would be respectful and care-full. I say this because I, personally, see this blog as a place where some of the less assertive female bloggers might feel comfortable entering into a conversation -- perhaps for the first time. So there has to be some kind of balance between healthy, strong debate and providing a positive and supportive environment in which the non Alpha Females can feel comfortable participating. See my post on my own blog tonight. I guess it's just my cybermom/teacher tendencies coming out. There's plenty of opportunities for heavy handed verbal sparring out in the larger blogworld. Do we have to/want to do it here as well? If we want to wrestle each other to the ground, can we do it through our individual blogs -- maybe with an invitation to join extended through this one? I'm really asking these questions because Meryl made some very valid points in her comment. Yet I know that there are women who need to feel that this is a safe place to express themselves. We can't be all things to all people. Personally, I'd like to err on the safe side right now.


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