Wednesday, March 06, 2002

Maybe, the good old days were better!

I think it’s a matter of ignorance being bliss!

My grandmother had 11 children and lived to be about 90 without any major health problems. I doubt she did any tests, or had any special diet and probably had all her children at home.

When I was in my early twenties I always thought five would be a good number for kids. But I never got around to it for some reason or another! First both me and hubby traveled to Australia to study soon after our marriage. He stayed on for a year after I returned so it was a long distance relationship for a while. When he came back to join me, it was job search time and it took another couple of years to settle down.

Four years down the line I am still trying to settle down. Five is a very distance number now. If I can manage to squeeze in one, I’ll be happy. Unlike most others in this country (India) I don’t really want to significantly add to the population count anymore. And besides, there doesn’t seem to be enough time or money for anything these days!

Now I’m wondering whether I should have just gotten it over with when I was younger and wasn’t really prepared. Today, I might be ready mentally, but I’m not ready financially. I would really like to give my children the best and I doubt I can do so under the current conditions.

So am I right to just wait for the conducive time and circumstances? But then, don’t they say the best laid plans go awry anyway?

Elaine, I think our generation doesn’t think like the earlier one, especially when it comes to kids! We just think too much about too many things and that becomes our undoing, for the better or for worse...