Sunday, March 17, 2002

in defense of this blog

Thank you Burning Bird for standing up for the Blog Sisters in light of Jonathon's rip on Blog Sisters. Jonathon says this about us:

You and I both know, Dave, that the breathtaking hypocrisy of "Where Men Can Link, But They Can't Touch" isn't going to get "looked at" any time soon, not by the BlogSisters nor by anyone else in the blogging universe.

His was a response to this post by Dave Winer.

Well shit. Bird says it well enough in her post, but I feel a RageBoy coming on. Jonathon, have you ever heard of having FUN? That's what we're here to do. And in the mean time, we hope to learn some, grow some, help some--you know, those little womanly tasks men like you give us credit for. I can hear him now, "I wasn't making it personal..." Yah, well, it *is* personal. It takes a lot of juice to make this thing hum. I resent your comments. And I resent you.

Men are free to comment here, but posting privileges are reserved for the women of the blog universe. And I'll say it loud and clear to you: We are too often overlooked in the witty posts and link exchanges between and among the men of the blogs. I'm one of the fortunate few, but there are plenty great women bloggers out there who get overlooked because they're not writing about code or how they impressed their girlfriends.

You know, this tops the email I got the other day from someone I had listed in our sister roll asking to be removed. "I didn't agree to participate," she said, and went on to say she didn't like the notion of defining herself by gender.


No woman here is making Blog Sisters her halfway house. We all have other blogs. We all have real world lives. And we *are* getting "looked at" and linked to, which is why we hit number 3 on daypop our first day out, and why there are 27 comments over on Shelley's blog discussing the topic.

We're not lame dolts with nothing better to do. This isn't a male-bashing forum. But you make me want to turn it into one. Trust me Jonathon, you don't want to take me on. Not this month. And not today. I'll rip you apart.

I'm pretty sure you posted what you did so that you could pump up your own standings. Hope it works, whimp.


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