Friday, March 08, 2002

blog roll growing

I added some new sistas to the blog roll. Amazing blogs out there. What's up with the coolest thing going--letting the reader "skin" the blog, applying a new looksy-feely whenever they want. Holy killer app, Batman! I'm learning stuff every day, and it's simply amazing what the women bloggers (and the men who love them) are doing. Just stroll through the blogs listed here and see if you aren't amazed.

Another comment--about comments--see what you think. Lots of GOOD writing and thinking is getting burried in the comments feature. Although I love the YACS comments, you just never know about the permanence of such things. At least I don't. So all I'm saying is.... If you got something good to say, post it. Top level. Say it lound and clear. Rock on with your bad selves. On Gonzo Engaged, I purposely left a comment feature off because I wanted to force the team to vibe off of one another's posts. But this is a different place, and I think the comment feature is important. It lets the guys talk. It lets people leave feedback on posts. But if what you're commenting on is of any significance--you know, that witty, flavorful stuff you're all known for--then post it as a post.

Onward and outward we reach.

on to my other blogs.... (what am I *doing*?)