Wednesday, April 24, 2002

BlogSisters featured in research paper.
Several of us have been quoted in a research paper, "Weblogs: An Opinioning Opportunity for Women," developed by Jan Carroll, a student at the University of Wisconsin--Eau Claire as part of her program in technical writing major, web emphasis. She had contacted various female webloggers and asked them to fill out a survey; many of the respondents were BlogSisters. I had an opportunity to read a draft, and you can be sure that we are very well represented. The paper takes a unique look at the technologies to which women have had access to express their opinions, from sewing machines and typwriters to weblogs. There is no doubt that we BlogSisters are carving out our own territory on the web. And we have only just begun, so keep on posting. Of course, we think that Jan should get an A+.


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