Wednesday, April 24, 2002

Following up on Esta and tv, posted below
First of all, let me say that I don't watch the Bachelor or any or any of the reality shows. I'm beginning to prefer the world of Ally McBeal more and more. And I'm bummed that it's approaching it's demise, although it really was running out of plot lines. And, as you know, I'm really going to miss Jon Bon Jovi. I watch too much tv also. It's how I escape -- whether it's Alias or Ally, Gilmore Girls or Buffy, it's all a much different reality than the one I live in and that's fine with me.

As for men, I repeat that I am a female chauvinist, and until a few years ago, serial monogamy served my purposes well. Of course, I had already done the other -- marriage, kids, etc. -- so I figured "I'm entitled." I don't pretend to understand men at all, although I think Camille Pagia got it right when she used how they piss as a metaphor for how they do everything. But, as one woman novelist I once read wrote (or at least something pretty close) "I am always fascinated by the hydraulics of the penis."

Speaking of penises, I just skimmed though Camille Paglia's Vamps and Tramps, the first chapter of which is entitled "The Penis Unsheathed." As usual, she melds scholarship with clever verbiage. But if you've seen one Paglia, you've seen them all.

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