Thursday, April 25, 2002

Go Jan!; Two wrongs...

Wow, how wonderful to know we are part of the scholarly discussion.

Regarding Esta below: it is indeed lamentable at some twisted level I haven't quite come to terms with yet - since I deplore the concept of the show in general - that ABC's next round of tripe is going to be "The Bachelor" again, and not "The Bachelorette." The show's message boards have batted this around - see here and here, for example. The recurring argument made about why The Bachelorette wouldn't make it is it wouldn't have as broad an audience - that is, men only watch this show to ogle, while women watch for the drama, suspense, etc. I think (straight) men (of a certain limited intellect) might still watch the reverse version for the same reason they read those "how to really please a woman" articles - on some subliminal level, they'll want to see what it takes to "capture the flag."

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