Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Would you pay for it?

In the new movie "The Wedding Date" Deborah Messing plays a young professional woman who hires a male escort (played by Dermot Mulroney) to be her date for a friend's wedding. The reason for hiring a date is that her former fiance is the Best Man and she does not want to look like a loser. And, by the end, she redeems the male escort and makes an honest man out of him.

Now, men have been hiring escorts of some stripe pretty much forever. Usually it's because they want no strings attached or are so massivly dysfunctional that they cannot maintain a true intimate relationship. So, what does this say for women? Is it a matter of "you go sister!" or have we come to the point where we are so desperate that we must ape the pathetic behavior of dysfunctional men?

I'm sorry, but I could never pay a man to escort me anywhere, not matter how old I get or no matter how much I might need a date. And IMHO, when a woman begins to pay for it, she is not saying she has power but is admitting that she finds herself so unappealing that she cannot get a guy unless she pays for a man to pretned that he likes her. And that is seriously pathetic.

I wonder when the American mind will be able to grasp that any sort of pay-for-play interaction is merely a performance on the part of the person being paid? And that it takes a heck of alot to perform that you are attracted to someone.

I know of dude by the name of Desmond, who is a male escort and hires himself out as a "professional ravisher." Pretty funny actually. and I can't imagine anyone needing to pay some dude to "ravish" her. How much fun could this be if you know that he is performing the part and might be thinking about baseball or car racing or another woman (or even another man)while he is putting on a performance for you?

So, I'm wondering...am I wrong in thinking that women wind up looking pathetic if they are paying men for sexual services? Or is this some bizaare wave of the future?

--Tish G.

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