Monday, September 20, 2004

Your or Someone You Know May be Eligible to Vote in Florida

OPERATION: SNOWBIRD is contacting registered voters, especially in New York and New Jersey, who intend to cast their votes for Kerry/Edwards, but who also spend at least part of the year living in Florida. Voting in Florida instead of in the north could definitely impact the outcome in Florida, providing the critical margin of victory for Kerry. [Al Gore lost the popular election in Florida by only 537 votes]
Under Florida law, if you maintain a mailing address in the state of Florida and intend for Florida to be your state of legal residence, then you meet the definition of a Florida resident. You do not have to be a homeowner in Florida, but could be a part-time renter who may reside in two different states during different parts of the year. Of course, one may registered in and may vote in only one state.

To complete a standard Florida voter registration form go to http://election/county/index
The Florida county that one lists on the application must match up with the Florida address listed.

The deadline for registering to vote in Florida for the 2004 Presidential Election is October 4th.

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