Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Two Roads Diverged

"For me, femininity had become the other 'F' word," says Christine Sneeringer.

For Tamela Vaughn, an affair with a college sorority sister sent her into the "darkest period of my life."

Millions of people in this country are gay, lesbian, or bisexual. Most of them, despite prejudice from society, disapproval from churches, and unequal treatment under law, accept and embrace who they are. But a relative few, who tend to hold conservative religious beliefs, attempt to change their sexual orientation, to go from gay to heterosexual. Sneeringer and Vaughn both embarked on that difficult, some say potentially dangerous journey. Now, both women say they have found joy and peace in their relationships with God and with themselves. But though these women took a similar journey, they found their fulfillment in very different places.

The piece is much too long to share here. Read the rest at All Facts and Opinions.

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