Thursday, March 27, 2003


Wed., April 23, 2003 is Executive Admin's Day (Secretary's Day). This day is in the middle of Administrative Assistants Week, which also features Earth Day (22nd). If you are a woman, please help social change by wearing no hose, heels, or skirts to work on April 23rd! Political and social reformer Jennifer Schulz Medlock urges all women to “get back to nature”. This is a voluntary protest effort against society’s old-fashioned expectations of women to wear nylons, high heels, and skirts, especially in business, and especially within big corporations. Leave your suffocating nylons at home, as well as those painful high heels, and replace your skirt with pants! Be comfortable, be natural, and take control! On Executive Admin's Day at least, we will not let powerful men dictate what we wear. Let’s show these men we can “wear the pants” and create a better world. We Can Do It!

Please forward this to as many women as you know.

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