Thursday, March 27, 2003

Hi, my name is Kate and I am a new Blog Sister. My new blog is:

I have been a fan of the Blog Sisters for awhile.

I visit everyday because there is such a mixed bag of issues and styles, all written with compassion, humor and intelligence; I mean, you people talk about everything under the sun! I never know what I am going to be stumbling into when I log on each day, but I know that the content will always be intriguing.

For me, it's like Christmas, every morning.

Did I mention that I live in Alaska? Right down the road from Santa.

"Denali Sunset at Midnight"

Mt. McKinley

People are so nice. I wrote half a dozen requests for permission to use their photographs in exchange for a link to their website. You know, "Sitting on top of the world"? I do live only a stone's throw from the Arctic Circle. On a clear day, you can see "The Great One," and I wanted you to see what I have in my backyard.

This man, George Bell--mountain climber, talented photographer, adventurer--he wrote back immediately saying sure, go ahead. He actually sounded surprised that I bothered to ask for permission. He has many more pictures and adventure stories and when I learn how to link he will be a permanent guest of mine.

I can't tell you how awe-inspiring it is to be humbled by this great magestic treasure on earth. You stand there and look and watch, and finally the clouds part, the sun lights up the face, and majesty unveils itself before you. You look up and up, and it fills the entire sky, and all you can hear is the sound of your own breath being sucked into your lungs out of sheer wonder.

Thank you, George, for letting me share this awesome beauty with my friends.

Thank you for reminding us all, especially now, that there are still places of heaven on earth.

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