Friday, May 17, 2002

Making the Right Connection
I found the post on Anita Bora's blog about how to choose the right mate very relevant to my feelings about the relationship between my daughter and son-in-law and prior posts here about boyfriends. Anita links to an article in the Christian Science Monitor that makes some points that should be obvious but, unfortunately, rarely are. For example:
This choice has more to do with the eventual success of your marriage than everything else combined that you do after you get married," says this voice of experience. "If you choose someone who is highly compatible, it feels almost effortless; if you are mismatched, it's all hard work and good intentions."

Duh. It took me 14 years of hard word and good intentions before I figured out that we were mismatched.

Check out the CS article to learn the 29 dimensions [that relationship counselor Neil Clark Warren says] must be "matched and managed" for a relationship to succeed

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