Friday, May 17, 2002

Kindergartner Expelled Because Mom's a Stripper

This just infuriates me. A Christian school finds out a 5 year old's mother is an exotic dancer (not illegal, by the way) and expels the child. The logic: the other children should not be exposed to such immorality. But the kid isn't being immoral -- she didn't even know what her mom did for a living. I have tangled with Capitol Christian Center before -- I was defending women's health clinics from their violent attacks. When they wanted press, they would make a scene by giving their children posters of dismembered fetuses (always good to expose children to that) and put them in the street in front of moving cars to disrupt traffic. Talk about abusing children in the name of God.


Casey said...

As a Christian I would like to say I am sorry that this "Christian" school is acting this way. Know that most Christians are not this way...just the ones that people hear about, but truly I am sorry.

Anonymous said...

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