Sunday, April 28, 2002

Time to get my pyramid-building pants out of storage.

I'm not too crazy about a periodical that promotes books by my arch-nemesis, Peggy Noonan. However, and whatever the motivation for this, the NRO has published the following article: Primary Document | Saudi Telethon Host Calls for Enslaving Jewish Women. In it, "prominent government official cleric" Shaikh Saad Al-Buraik is quoted as saying (I added the italics),
Muslim Brothers in Palestine, do not have any mercy neither compassion on the Jews, their blood, their money, their flesh. Their women are yours to take, legitimately. God made them yours. Why don't you enslave their women? Why don't you wage jihad? Why don't you pillage them?
Al-Buraik also happens to be accompanying Prince Abdullah in his visit to the U.S.

I wonder if he might be that elusive "someone" who requested that no women direct the Prince's flight into Texas earlier this week.

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