Monday, April 29, 2002

dumbing us down

I was doing my latest vanity search (on my name, on google, you know), when I came across a recent blogging article by E. Michael Rudman, and... WHAT DO YOU KNOW!? We're mentioned! That's the good news. And it really is good news--I appreciate the reporter taking note of us.

The bad news was... of all the posts he picked to focus on was... well... you'll see. I mean, we've discussed some heavy shit here, and wouldn't ya know a male reporter would "position us" in our first online reference, with one blast of the keyboard, as ladies who talk about fashion.


Well, as I said, let's look at the silver lining. People are reading what we're writing here--what YOU guys are writing here--and that's always refreshing to know. More women are asking to join every week, and that's totally exciting. Still.... maternity fashion... over the posts about dealing with our own mothers... alcoholism... the middle east... hmph. Let's all have a tea party and relish our five seconds of fame (she says with a wink).


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