Thursday, April 11, 2002

In response to Valerie's post on Drunk Driving

I had to respond to your post Valerie because if i left a comment it would have been way too long.
My father lost his license for two years after being caught drink driving, this was many years ago, and i'm horrified to say that he still continues to flout the law continuing to drink and drive. The worse part is that he abuses alcohol, heavily, putting other peoples lives at risk as well as his own without a thought. I remember years ago in my teens criticising him heavily for the risks he was taking and i continually received a devil may care response, he seemed to think he was infallible, and that i was nagging him!!? Interestingly my mother never said a word.
I even recall him being so drunk one evening that he crashed the car in a ditch in the mddle of nowhere, walked home and then got friends to drive him to the place so he could retrieve it, no police involved. He was lucky. I was however not sympathetic when he eventually lost his license and made it plain, but it made no difference, i can't help but view it as arrogant.
I can't say Valerie whether its men more than woman, or older people more than younger people.......who take it upon themslves to drink and drive all i know is this, it is unforgiveable and irresponsible.
Will they only take responsibility for their actions when a tragedy occurs, but then it will be to late.

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