Friday, March 01, 2002

long day, maintenance recommendations

My long workday is over. It's always long when I have to deal with real-live people. Ah if I could take my loved ones and slip into this Dell Latitude laptop screen, protected, engaged, and loved forever. Honey I Shrunk Us and we now live inside a laptop.

Next up. I'm not to shy to ask one of the guys to add a comment here if we can't figure it out among us. I'm not to shy to beg them, actually. Kate Cohen is having a bugger of a time getting onto blogger to contribute here. I've invited her, didn't work. I deleted her and re-invited her. Didn't work. She keeps getting a "runtime script error." She got in for a minute last night, but she lost a post when her session timed out. Today, she couldn't get back in because of the "session error." She's emailed blogger, but hasn't gotten a response yet. Does anyone have a clue what could be wrong? If so, please leave us a comment--and Kate, if I forgot anything, leave a comment with your latest blogger mishaps. We need Kate. Someone must know what I can do to get her on the team list with the rest of us!!!

I see the conversation became quite LIVELY while I was gone today. My dear me! Am I the only one in this joint who's married? Am I also the only one who doesn't require regularly-scheduled mechanical maintenance? Has anyone considered finding a bassist? Having been married to one for 16 years, I can highly recommend this approach. In fact, with his help, I believe I hold a record of sorts, numbering in the 50s per, but I don't think I'd better blog the details here because, well, I'm counting on my daughter reading this blog one day, and I need only see Elaine's insta-shock in realizing b!x will now know her deepest darkest secrets to make me think twice.

Well, I'm off to add the four ladies who wrote asking to join while I was at work today. I'll check in later. Invites will be flying shortly!