Friday, March 01, 2002

It's nice to know we're loved. So loved, in fact, that this gentlemen would like to take our orders!

You know, the same night the idea for this blog came to me in that state just before sleep, which, depending on what medication I'm taking, can last quite a while, another idea leaked into my earhole: A blogger "dating" exchange. I mean, a place where available girls and guys can get jiggy with it, exchange, connect, and *really* engage. So after I dismissed that idea as being too stupid, too insane, and too much of a legal nightmare, that's when Blog Sisters swept in to my pre-REM brain.

And since I'm on the topics of Blog Sisters AND pictures, all note that I opened up a cafe press store, with a feature item:

If anyone buys, I'll pay my ProBlogger and Ad Fees and then see what other cool stuff we can do. I'm not holding my breath on breaking even, but unless anyone objects, I'd like to offset my costs somehow. Altruism is one thing. But it generally doesn't pay.

I ordered a mug myself, so if anyone wants to wait, I'll be sure to post when I receive it so I can vouch for its quality. This is my first shot at this. Thanks to Gary for his technical assistance and girly sticker. He is the best. Stop over to Gary's Blog to see just how smart he really is--not to mention he's captured voice mails from two or three of us lady bloggers. We all sound like ex-smoker cheerleaders to me, but I think it's because we've all been sick this month.

Okay, I'll shut up now and go add some new members.