Thursday, February 28, 2002

Peachy Keen Transglobal Pillow Fight

Mme Britney Might I, respectfully, recommend a Fast Acting Antidote to your girlish woes?
Excise, so to speak, the Middle Man. Transcurse the torpor of the prong, baby doll, and emerge as a Muff Diva. It's cleaner, more efficient and, I venture, a more cost effective solution when compared to similar services currently provisioned by Gent V 2.3.1.
Value Adds, such as apparel swapping, cognate desires to view drear entertainments a la Fried Green Tomatoes At The Whistlestop Cafe and/or A Very Brady Christmas at Certain - and often simultaneous - Times Of The Month AND, significantly, (ahem) Climax Timeliness all augment the appeal of this end-to-end, multiport solution.

1 comment:

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