Thursday, February 28, 2002

le petit mort and topics moe capacious

very deft, Mme Val. Yr devilishly sparse copy has ensnared my consumer interest and I NEED to know more of the product and/or service that is Val. WHY does one with the lexical and marketing prowess of a Saatchi account manager on crack choose not to have a 'real' relationship? And WHAT was the misfortune with the household disinfectant vis-a-vis pudenda?

Mme Kenobi, no advice more sage and elegant than that proferred by Mesdames D + E is gonna come from my callow keyboard. Beyondo, ladies. I was authentically stirred. And, heavens, visceral motion is rare at a workstation quite so drear as mine.

Blog abundantly and with feminine specificity while I'm gone to the Antipodean bush this weekend....
And DO consider my entreaty to sonic blog... Ladies requiring assistance, mailez-moi