Tuesday, July 05, 2011

there once was a time...

I haven't posted here in a long time, although a decade ago, I had a strong presence on this blog. A decade ago, when Jeneane Sessum brought me in to help her get Blog Sisters rolling, there seemed to be so many societal and political issues that we couldn't wait to discuss. Just, for example, check out the posts on this blog in July of nine years ago, when we were really rolling.

Of course, blogging was relatively new then, and those of us women who jumped on that band wagon were usually ones of strong and well-versed opinion who, while we might be moms and wives, opted to share, in this blog and in our own, less of those parts or our lives and more of our more intellectually creative and adventuresome pursuits. We questioned; we challenged; we ranted.

How times have changed in so much of the blogosphere!

Except the same issues still exist to plaque us as women. Yet somehow our voices have quieted. Maybe, with Facebook and Twitter etc. etc., there's just too much noise out there with which to compete.

But the same issues still exist, and I am motivated here to share a situation and discussion going on in several blogs and even on youtube.

Beause I'm a feminist and a humanist, because I still, on occasion, rant, I invite you to start here and link backward to discover what young feminist, humanist, atheist, and skeptic Rebecca Watson has stirred up among those who still think deep, blog wide, and rant fearlessly.

We used to be thinkers here on Blog Sisters -- thinkers and critics and fearless ranters. What happened?

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