Thursday, July 02, 2009

Why Marriage?

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Hey Cupcakes,

Every week relationship expert and Advice Maven Tina Tobin of has a different love or sex related question to explore. Last week's question was "Is Cyber Sex Cheating?"

This week the question Tina posed is "Why Marriage?" as in "Is Marriage Played Out?"

In Hollywood and EveryHood people seem to be splitting up faster than people are getting together so this is right on time! Why marriage? We had heated discussions on My Site, Twitter, Facebook, And Youtube. So first, advice from Tina Tobin, and then your girl, moi.

This was fun. As "Miss Picky" from Tough Love on VH1 I can tell you exactly how NOT to be married! lol. What qualifies me to share thoughts and advice? My starter marriage of course, and my (formerly) atrocious choices in men! Oh-- and my writings on my misadventures in love, sex, and dating like my debut novel Dare. Enjoy.



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