Thursday, May 21, 2009

How Ugly Is Your Beauty? Abiola & Michael Beach Ask

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Though not a fan of Third Watch or E.R., your goddess sister was still thrilled to get a call from actor Michael Beach about his new documentary, America the Beautiful. He said to check my mailbox for his new film, and with a Hollywood actor involved, and I honestly expected some sort of typical fluffery.

I was pleasantly surprised to find an entertaining yet hard hitting look at artificial beauty in America. I tapped my new silk nails, fluffed my bone straight # 6 hair weave, batted my false eyelash extensions, sucked it in with pair of Spanx and adjusted the straps on my Vicky's Secret push up water bra. This documentary was definitely something to pay attention to. Take note: Whenever people start putting a scalpel to their vaginas, we need to have a convo. Ouch! Here's what Michael Beach had to say about the pursuit of beauty in America.

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