Thursday, May 31, 2007

Mother One do you read me, over.

the Earth,
her surface crissed with steel pipes collecting
her bubbling pockets of digestion gas.

The Iranian Embassy said Turkey gets about half of its gas supplies from Iran, but Botas said it did not expect any shortages. The company said the cut in Iranian gas would be compensated by supplies from Russia, which are brought in by way of the Blue Stream pipeline underneath the Black Sea.

Fertility for generations to come
if we let her bubble grind and crush the poisons
into rocks weeping fertile futures ten million years
from now.

Turkish and Iranian officials are reportedly discussing expanding the pipeline for exports to Europe.

Has not it been written
that we are in a garden of Earthly delight?
Doesn't she give us naturally all that we need?
She is my Mother.

China supplied its own oil for decades from domestic oil fields, but became a net importer in the 1990s. Driven by a booming economy, it has quickly risen to become the world's third-biggest oil importer, after Japan and the United States.

A web of pipes and screw driven ships
mix and churn the surface of my Mother.
And the wires
the wires the wires

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