Sunday, May 21, 2006

Great article on women, visibility, blogging++ - BlogSisters kudos

What makes the women-online visibility issue as important as it is--to me anyway--is that men are still grabbing the lion's share of speaking and consulting gigs related to this space--BlogHer and other women-visibility-boosting outlets aim to change that:

...Together, they decided to stop talking about where the women bloggers are and create a place for women bloggers to read each other and be read by everyone. They built on the earlier efforts of women equally determined to amplify muted female voices such as Jeneane Sessum, the Atlanta founder of Blog Sisters.

"Blog Sisters and now BlogHer give women much improved visibility in a space that now has an economic component to it," Sessum said.

A GREAT article by uberreporter Jessica Guynn in the Contra Costa Times about women and blogging and BlogHer.

Ask questions now for the Tuesday roundtable with the BlogHers++. Cool!

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