Sunday, April 16, 2006

Phone Buddies Community

I just became the community manager of an amazing emotional support community for women called Phone Buddies. (I'm also a participating member myself.) The basic idea is that you trade peer counseling sessions with other women, so each woman gets free counseling. There are 6 different types of emotional support techniques taught to community members, so it isn't just your everyday chatting, though it also isn't professional counseling either. A lot of the time I just need someone to talk to in a way that is really helpful -- not therapy and not just venting either.

There are a lot of really cool things about it actually. You don't have to give out your last name so it's totally confidential. Stuff like that. Anyway, I'm telling other women about it because I'd really like to see the community grow. The more women that participate the more Buddies we all get to exchange sessions with.

The website is at so check it out for yourself. I think it's amazing. I told my mother and sister about it and they're excited too. I love helping people and I could really use a stronger support network myself. My company has done a lot of cool projects, but I think this is probably going to be the coolest of all.

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