Saturday, February 04, 2006

someone has a birthday coming up

blog sisters turns 4 at the end of the month, February 27, and anyone who has posted here over the last four years should give yourself a pat on the back or take yourself to lunch -- have a pasta dish and review the sauce for me please because OH do i love pasta and OH do i love sauce--depending on my mood sometimes I favor marinara, other times a thick meat sauce, which reminds me of my grandmother's house and walking in for Sunday super (which was earlier than the usual 'dinner' hour, because it was Sunday), and the smell of sauce and meatballs, and the smack of grated peccorino romano cheese on top, with Orange Crush to drink. Mmmmm.

How'd I get here?

Right: comfort foods and celebrations. makes sense.

What amazes me about this site is how it continues to live and evolve. It goes through dry periods where a few women post, and then in a rush I'm moved by posts from women I've never read before. Every single post on this site carves meaning into the net.

What we do here matters.

I remember the night in the early days of blogging where I was almost asleep and in that place of high creativity, where the body is paralyzed and the mind races, and in that hyper-juxtaposition my best ideas come, like blog sisters: where men can link but they can't touch.

It was a good idea and it still is. As I try my hand at contributing editor over at BlogHer, I encourage all of you to keep posting here AND to explore as much of the blogworld as you can.

As we enter another year together, I'm aiming to pick up my intensity of posting on Blog Sisters (kick my ass if I slow down, will you? Email works for that). I also want to explore BlogHer as well, and I highly recommend you read up on the topics that interest you over at BlogHer. You can also suggest women bloggers for the blogroll--there's a link specifically for that. If you're not there, go suggest yourself.

In other words, it's like this. When we started this grand idea, there were no other team blogs where women were writing together. Now there are. YES!!! More space for us to write. Write. Write here, write on your blog, write wherever you can. Write in chalk on your driveway. Write on the blackboards in your child's school. Write on the whiteboards at work, write on wikis, write on kiwis, write in books and on paper.

Just Write it write it write it. Am I telling you or me? That question needs no answer.

It's my voice--there is no reason to be quiet anymore.

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