Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Films By, For, And About Women--LUNAFEST

I got a call from Janet Bridgers today who asked me to spread the word about LUNAFEST. She was brave enough to call me out of nowhere, so I told her I'd let folks now about the event.

In addition to being a film fest, LUNAFEST is a charitable event that funds the Breast Cancer Fund, one of the major groups working to prevent breast cancer by educating the public on reducing exposure to cancer-causing chemicals. As a showcase for the work of emerging women filmmakers, LUNAFEST is heading into its sixth year.

Last fall, L.A. Shorts, San Francisco and Washington DC Film Festivals featured the LUNAFEST as part of their programs. The FEST anticipates screenings in more than 100 cities around the country this year, hosted locally by nonprofit organizations that raise money by presenting the event.

LUNAFEST is sponsored by LUNA, a leading maker of energy and nutrition foods for women. You can get more information on LUNAFEST at www.lunabar.com/community/lunafest
, or contact Janet Bridgers at janetmbridgers@yahoo.com.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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