Wednesday, January 11, 2006


I'm going to grab "Women" for blogsisters...

Here's what I posted on allied. I don't have any idea who's involved with the 1000tags thing, so I can't endorse it, but it looks like a fun thing to experiment with and right now they're giving out a free tag if you have a blog and post about it. For the BlogSisters tag, I'll choose "women" and we'll see if this blog shows up in any tag cloud, folksonomy, or taxidermy.... ;-)


I love a secretive wierd thing that comes out of nowhere. Sometimes these side-street jaunts I take full of passion and enthusiasm come back and bite me: you goober, that was dumb to associate yourself with.
Mostly, though, I'm glad I checked out the 'newest odd idea'. So it is with mixed pleasure and puzzlement I introduce 1000tags. And a mighty WTF shout out to whoever-whatever thought this up. It's a new revenue model -- new to me anyway, with dollars paid for tag (or tag cloud) association. Which makes too much sense to not be scary. is - that we know - the very first project that offers booking and buying tags from a "tag cloud". Or in other words, it is the first commercial tag cloud. That means that it could be the proof of concept demonstrating that folksonomies can be an effective way to advertise.
Whenever I experience one of those, uh, rare "I didn't think of that" moments, I give fair pounds of respect to the idea originator.
Don't get me wrong, I have had ideas since jumping into this whole tagging thing a several days ago, which is 67 years in Web 2.0 time. That's when I found myself wondering why more people (read businesses) aren't tagging based on who they want to position against. So, if I'm, say, the corporate version of Adam Curry, I'm tagging ALL my shit Dave Winer, right? That way, when someone's grandma searches Technorati tags on Dave Winer, she's bombarded with Adam, is wooed by his blond doo, and jets off to the Netherlands to be the family's nanny.
Thing is, that sort of corrupts the folksonomy thing, except that, well, inherently, folks can be assholes too.


what do you think?

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