Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I feel like my nasty big sister stole my jump rope...

In case y'all didn't notice, Arianna Huffington started a blog.

(heavy sigh)

Blogging, in general, seems to me to be a populist medium. So what's the deal with someone who has every possible medium of communication at her disposal saying to the rest of us by starting a blog?

When I read the Washington Post article on this, the image of a Round Table conference at the Huffington Conclave popped into my head...and the Grande Damme of all this asking all the advisors "Vat is a blog and how do I get you all to do this thing for me so I look like I'm one of those Little People?"

I wonder sometimes about the future of blogs...that the quantifying and qualifying of blogs is something like the whole .com thing, and that we might see a massive bust after this celebrety boom.

In general, though, she's just bugging the bejezers out of me!

Tish G

(oh, I've got a new baby meta-blog here and chronicled my Mother's passing here.)

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