Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Dubya's Democracy Occupation; and Friday Hometown Blogging

I often wonder how Bush says most of what he says with a straight face. For instance, here's Bush doing his stern act regarding Syria's occupation of Lebanon:
We want democracy in Lebanon to succeed. And we know it cannot succeed so long as she is occupied by a foreign power.
Such hypocrisy calls for a poem:
Dubya's Democracy Occupation
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Democracy cannot succeed,
Said Dubya with a glower.
In countries that are occupied
By mean old foreign powers...
The rest of Dubya's Democracy Occupation is here.

And in another post, I suggest Friday hometown blogging for bloggers who lack a blog-worthy cat. My first hometown blogging effort is A Baysider's Ode To Queens, which begins:
Both a county and a borough,
Part of New York City too.
On Long Island, yet not of it.
I'm confused as hell. Are you? ...
The rest of my Baysider's Ode To Queens is here.

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