Saturday, February 19, 2005

Saturday Sickblogging

My home -- the isolated, fortified family compound known as Tildebunkport-- has turned into one big infirmary. What follows is a listing of the residents, their respective illnesses and prescribed treatments.

  • Tild -- Bronchial infection; laryngitis. Zithromax; Tesselon perles; Paintshop Pro. The internets. Perfect Peach herb tea.
  • Leland "Buzz" [aka Mr. Tild] -- Strep throat. Penicillin VK; ibuprofen; salt water gargles; season one of "Deadwood" on DVD; rainbow sherbet.
  • SETU [Surly Elder Teenaged Unit] -- Severe bronchial infection; laryngitis. Augmentin; Cough syrup with codeine; Desert Combat; The Shinns; leftover Leeann Chin potstickers.
  • SYTU [Surly Younger Teenaged Unit] -- Inexplicable health. Fruity Dyno-bites; 7-UP Plus; "El Mariachi" trilogy; Futurama. Ipod.

I'm sick of the news, sick of surfing, sick of blogging and sick of the internets in general, so I decided to waste the entire afternoon doctoring up old magazine ads. Here is my total output for the day. And yes, I am kind of pleased with how it turned out. Heh.

This post can also be found over here, with all the sick folks.

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