Saturday, January 15, 2005

Demand Accountability From WH Puppet-Parrot Condi Rice

* Scroll down for an update at the end of this post. 01/16/05

On Tuesday January 18, hearings begin re: Condoleezza "I have a PhD so I must be morally superior to you" Rice's confirmation as Secretary of State.

Senator Barbara Boxer [D-California] continues to take a stand for accountability to the American people. Join Sen. Boxer in holding the budding fascist theocratic regime of George W Bush accountable for their actions.

Dr. Rice's confirmation hearing must not be a rubber stamp of President Bush's appointment. The Senate must take its "advice and consent" role seriously.

That's why, as a member of the Foreign Relations Committee, I intend to stand up and ask Condoleezza Rice the tough questions that Americans deserve to have answered. Questions like:

* Why did the United States go to war in Iraq based on misleading -- if not false and fraudulent -- evidence?

* Why did we divert valuable resources and intelligence personnel to Iraq, taking them away from Afghanistan and the pursuit of Osama bin Laden?

* Why did you mislead the American people into thinking there was a connection between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaida before September 11th?

We must hold Condoleezza Rice accountable for her misleading statements leading up to the Iraq war and beyond before we can even consider promoting her to Secretary of State.

Sign the petition.

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*Update 01/16/05:

In an interview with the Washington Post, President Bush said that Americans ratified his Iraq policy on Election Day 2004.

Later, in a departure from the large-print red crayon text of his prepared remarks, the Preznit Dictator-tot said:

"Hey, we don't have to give anybody any of that accountabilitude crap. Amurca gave me a big thumbs up in the accountabilitosity department on November 2 when every Amurcan man woman and child rose up as one and with a deafening roar of unified approval unanimously voted me Most Totally Super Awesome Leader Ever. Heh. That's me."

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