Monday, November 08, 2004

A Plea to all My Liberal American Blog Sisters

My son (who is knowledgeable about how to do such things) has just started a legitimate online petition that will go the the Democratic National Committee. If you think it's worthwhile, maybe you can pass it along to your Democratic friends who agree that Howard Dean should be given a major leadership role in what we hope will be a re-energized Democratic Party.

Be sure to check out his links at the end of the article and sign the petition as well. This is for real. My son, AKA theonetruebix, established the website and the petition, and I vouch for its authenticity. (His "experiment in citizen journalism," the Portland Communique is given a page and half in the recently published The Power of Many by Christian Crumlish.)

If you support the efforts of the petition, please share the petition with all others you know who might also agree.

I remain, "delighting in dissent,"
Elaine of Kalilily
Self-Proclaimed Resident Crone of Blogdom

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