Friday, October 22, 2004


The "have-lesses" of America usually have their fingers on a important national pulse that the "have'mores" don't have to care much about.

The United Auto Workers Union magazine, "Solidarity" offers some telling facts about the effects that the Bush regime has had on the hard workers of America. These are just a few of the article titles in their current issue:

"The Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get..."

"Republicans Condem Bush"

"Things About John Kerry that George W. Bush Doesn't Want You To Know"

"Things Bush Wants You to Forget"

There's lots more good information here that the guys who are waging a futile war with me here don't want to know. It's about twenty against one (me) and I still haven't given up. It's the Xena in me.

Two former presidents of the UAW put in their pitch for Kerry:


Why is this election so critical? Because George W. Bush has set a radical — and we believe dangerous —course for America in both domestic and foreign policy.

George W. Bush had his chance — and he failed.

Bush’s policy choices over the past four years have created a raw deal for America’s working families. Too many are living paycheck to paycheck — or racking up crushing credit-card debt — as wages have stagnated or fallen, while health care, child care, energy and college tuition costs have soared. And too many workers have lost good-paying manufacturing jobs, and find themselves competing with their own kids for $7-an-hour jobs.

Bush’s misguided tax cuts have transformed the budget surpluses he inherited from President Clinton into record budget deficits that stall economic growth and take dollars away from education, Social Security, Medicare and other vital domestic programs.

We need more ways to share the truth with those who still can't see past the military perspective on "stay the course" and Bush's version of "strong leadership."

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