Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Hormone Replacement Therapy Increases Blood Clot Risk

A new study has shown a link between HRT and increased risk of blood clotting.
The study, called the Women's Health Initiative, found that women taking estrogen plus progestin at the strength once commonly in use had a doubled risk of venous blood clots, which can travel to the lungs and cause death.

I could have told you that 16 years ago. In February of 1988 my mother died of a pulmonary embolism [ a massive blood clot travelled up from her lower extremities and lodged in the major artery serving her lungs and heart]. Death occurred within 5 minutes. She was 64 years old. She had taken Premarin for 20 years. ...Coincidence?
Unsurprisingly, I decided to do without HRT when I entered perimenopause a few years back. I've never regretted that decision for even a second. Right now, today, I can truthfully say:
Believe that it can be done.
Your skin will not shrivel up and flake away.
Your nails will not shatter like sheets of micah.
Your hair will not fall out or get all goofy looking. Or at least not any more goofy looking than it might be right now.
The hot flashes and nightsweats can be managed [invest in a blowdryer with a cool-air setting.]
Calcium supplements stave off osteoporosis at least as well as estrogen replacement.
You can enjoy sex without having to sit in a tub of K-Y jelly beforehand. Of course, if you want to sit in a tub of K-Y jelly beforehand, that could be ...interesting, too.
Got a headache? Ibuprofen and acetominophen and aspirin still work.
If you feel inordinately cranky and argumentative, don't worry about it, and especially DON'T FEEL GUILTY! Savor the joys of being a crankpot. I say you've earned it.

All will even out eventually, and you will get back your energy and your calm disposition and a full night's sleep.

For more resources on going HRT-free, go here. And here. And here.

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