Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Education President Song Parody & Our Wired Prez Limerick

I've written a limerick about Bush's debate bulge, which begins:
Some think that George Dubya was wired,
While debates with John Kerry transpired.

The rest of my Wired Prez Limerick is here.

And speaking of debates, I wrote the Education President Song Parody in anticipation of all the bragging about his "education accomplishments" Bush will inevitably do during the domestic issues debate: Here's the first verse (to be sung to Barry Manilow's I Write The Songs):

Bush promised parents that he'd fix our schools.
That he'd make sure their children didn't turn out fools.
But all the teachers got were lots of rules.
Let's right his wrongs, let's right his wrongs.

Education President Song Parody is here.

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