Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Sex Offender Databases

Okay, I'm a little bit creeped out. On Janelle's blog, she has this post where she found a map of the sex offenders in her neighborhood. I never thought to look this up. I have assumed that you would just somehow KNOW if some registered sex offender moved in next door. (I know. Stupid assumption.)

So on Janelle's suggestion, I googled "Texas Sex Offenders" and got this lovely database. Putting in my zip code got me 18 EIGHTEEN reg sex offenders in my general neighborhood!!!!!

On the Texas page, they have photos of the person (I guess it's their mugshot.) And their address. And the crime they were convicted of. Several that I clicked on were offenses against minors. The one I clicked on last had the lovely note that his risk level was HIGH, which I guess means he will probably offend AGAIN. And his last offense was this March. With a 15 year old kid.

It's not like I want to go out and picket these people's front lawn with a big red "PERVERT" sign. I know that people can reform (usually, I don't think sex offenders are very good at reforming, though).

But I am freaked! I am not exactly naive, but I did not think there would be this many. Check it out for your state. Google "your state" plus "sex offender" and see what you find. Especially if you have kids. You should know this information.

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