Sunday, July 25, 2004

That time of innocence

After more than 40 years, a group of my college sorority sisters got together around a dinner table.  Many of the young women who read this weblog are the ages of our children and grandchildren.  We were the girls in college around the time of the setting of "Mona Lisa Smile."

I'm writing on my weblog about the memories we all shared about that time --  that time of innocence, that time of boundless energies. A time when we were all learning together how to figure out who we wanted to be. A time when draft beer was 10 cents and girls would be confined to their dorms at night for a week if they stayed out later than 1 a.m. (midnight if you were a freshman).
I'm writing about the girls we were and the women we've become -- those golden girls who, I think, glow more compellingly now -- and for some it's 44 years later -- than they even did in what we all remember as our sweet golden glory days.

If you're interested, c'mon over.

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