Thursday, June 17, 2004

Why is everyone blaming President Bush?

All President Bush had done is clean up the messes left by the last two Presidents. If Daddy Bush had finished what he started in late 1990, we might not be in Iraq now. If Clinton had been paying attention to his security advisors instead of getting a blow job in the Oval office the terrorists attacks on 9-11 may not have happened. Clinton's administration knew it was Osama Bin Laden that was responsible for the suicide attack on one of our Navy ships in 2000 and they didn't do anything.

Speaking of 9-11; does anybody remember how it felt to be attacked? Does anybody remember the images as they unfolded on the television? Does anyone remember the towers collapsing? Does anyone remember the 3000 plus lives that we lost? How about the families that lost loved ones and how their lives have been torn apart. Some families didn't even get remains to bury because there was nothing left of the victims. Where's the closure for them?

What did we do to provoke the attack on 9-11? NOTHING! Are innocent Iraqi citizens getting hurt and killed? Yes. Were the victims of 9-11 any less innocent? NO! I fully believe that Sadam Hussein had a part in planning the attack. Are there Weapons of Mass destruction? They are actually starting to find some. Even if there weren't, I still believe and stand behind President Bush.

Being a former member of the Army, let me say this for our soldiers; We are proud to be Americans. Nobody forced us to sign on the dotted line. None of our soldiers were drafted.

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