Sunday, November 02, 2003

The More Things Change...

If you haven't been keeping tabs, there has been a controversial tiff surrounding Condaleeza Rice and a cute little comic strip called "Boondocks."

Boondocks, a very popular, very cool Black, comic strip with militant overtones, kicked off the drama when the main character stated that Condeleeza Rice might not be so intent on destroying the world if she had a man. Ever since then, the character has been devoted to finding the perfect mate for this "weapon of mass seduction."

Oh Boy. Now don't get me wrong. I have a lot of respect for the strip's creator, Aaron McGruder, and I really wouldn't care so much about the comment...if it just weren't so darn take-me-back-to-the-1950s-= chauvinistic.

First of all, those types of comments are demeaning. Haven't we gotten past the whole idea that a woman's value is determined by the size of The answer is "No." Men are forever making lame comments like, "Someone needs to give her some" in response to some woman who just didn't feel like putting up with their B.S. that day.

Women are just as guilty. I was at a party once attended by a few women who were there with their men. They weren't just with them...they were glued to them. You know, the type of women who wouldn't be caught dead without a man. When I and my dateless self went up to greet these women they all instinctively gripped the arms of their men like I was going to grab one of them and run like the wind.

I could care less if Condaleeza Rice has a man, wants a man or really is a man in drag. But I do think if she had one, the press would be so heavily involved in her relationship that it just wouldn't work.

Second of all, how easy can it be to find a man when you are one of the most powerful women in the world? You have men who can't even handle a woman making a few thousand dollars a year more than they make. This woman is a top adviser to the most powerful man in the world. It's probably kind of hard to "push up" to a woman like that.

Third of all, if she was public about her relationship the media would spend all their time talking about whether or not she was going to get married and when she was going to have a baby. Society has a tendency to place women in one of four roles: wife, mother, fashion maven, sex object. Sooner or later, all public female figures get dragged, kicking and screaming, into one of these categories.

I'm sure Jackie Kennedy only wanted to be remembered for wearing nice dresses. I mean really, did this woman ever say anything? You wouldn't think so the way folks obsess about her style.

Condaleeza needs to be taken seriously for as long as this farce will hold up. Mark my words, the minute she goes public with a relationship people are going to be like--"Did you see what she wore when she was at that benefit with her man?"

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