Thursday, August 07, 2003

Blogging Ecosystem

Have you heard of The Truth Laid Bare's Ecosystem? It is yet another listing service for online journals and weblogs, but it is one that can help you build a lot of traffic to your diary if you want to.

If you want to get listed in their ecosystem just visit this link: TLB Ecosystem

Also, if your journal/blog is new you can enter the competition for a week's promo in the New blog Showcase.

I entered this entry from my journal A Study in Escape and would really appreciate your helping me win this week by voting for me. The way you vote is to link to the post in your own weblog, but your vote will only count if you are registered in the ecosystem already and if you create the link by this Sunday (8/10).

If you do decide to enter the showcase let me know and I will vote for you the week you are in too. Remember, the only way votes count is if you link to the exact post, not to the journal/blog in general.

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