Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Women Have Always Stood for Peace.


This is the commemorative “First International Women’s Year” pin I bought in 1975. I just unearthed from the bottom of a desk drawer that I was cleaning out, and I’ve decided to start wearing it again. The peace dove, the female symbol, the red, white, and blue – together they have acquired new life and meaning during this time when so many Americans are succumbing to the ancient and destructive spirit symbolized by the ancient myth of Ares.

We women are life-givers. Most of us don’t want to be life-takers. Unlike many men, we tend not to be seduced by Ares’ warsong. We will fight to protect ourselves and our children when in immediate danger, but we tend not to enjoy the killing of innocents.

And so I’m wearing my IWY dove of peace. I found it at just the right time.

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